Terms and Conditions

CONFIRMATION OF BOOKING - Booking will be confirmed upon signing the contract and receipt of the required payment, consisting of a 30% deposit. 

PAYMENT OF THE RENTAL PRICE - Payment of the full price, or the balance if a deposit has already been paid, will be made at check-in, prior to embarkation, in cash. Any additional charges not expressly provided for (such as fuel, skipper or mooring costs) must be paid at the end of the service.

NAVIGATION ZONE - The Charteree undertakes to limit the navigation of the boat to the navigation zone and authorised regions for navigation.

AUTHORITY  - AUTHORITY - The skipper shall pay the same attention and respect to the Charterer as he would to the Charterer. The skipper shall respect orders given by the Charteree provided that they are reasonable and in accordance with the diligence of a good seaman. However, the skipper shall not be obliged to obey orders that, in his opinion, might endanger the boat or delay its return at the end of the charter.

SAFETY OF NAVIGATION - In order to ensure the safety of navigation, the skipper has the power to invite anyone whose behaviour is dangerous, improper or inappropriate to leave the vessel. Passengers are required to arrive at least fifteen minutes before the scheduled departure time. Failure to report for embarkation within the stipulated time does not entitle passengers to a refund. In case of doubt, you can ask a member of staff for information. The owner reserves the right to make changes to the programme or timetable in the event of unfavourable weather conditions, force majeure or technical requirements. In these cases, there is no refund for the customer.

Regarding bathing activities and circumnavigations, these are optional and subject to weather and sea conditions, as judged by the captain in his sole discretion. Should it be impossible to carry out these activities for reasons of force majeure or technical necessity, there is no refund for the ticket, not even partial.

Egadi Summer Sea undertakes to deliver the excursion vehicles in a perfectly efficient and clean condition, with all safety devices required by current regulations. Excursion participants must communicate in advance any health problems, food allergies, specific medications or other personal communications necessary to carry out the excursion safely.

Guests are solely responsible for their belongings and personal effects and shall be liable directly in the event of loss, damage or theft. In addition, they are liable for damage caused to the boat due to culpable or wilful behaviour or behaviour contrary to the instructions given by the skipper. In the event of accidents, the responsibility falls neither on the skipper nor on Egadi Summer Sea, excluding the possibility of recourse or claiming compensation from the latter.

If the guest is unable to swim or has other impediments that prevent this activity, he or she must inform the captain and comply with the captain's instructions in order to protect his or her own safety and that of others. Furthermore, excursion participants declare that they are aware of and accept the characteristics of the excursion, the boat and the maximum number of passengers that may be on board.

Egadi Summer Sea declares that it has taken out the legal insurances and passengers can communicate any irregularities to Egadi Summer Sea during the excursion or by writing an email to: info@egadisummersea.it

It is strictly forbidden on board:

- Behaving or having attitudes that may cause disturbance or harassment to other passengers;

- Manipulate furniture or equipment on board;

- Possessing or wearing weapons or ammunition;

- Carrying flammable, corrosive, explosive or dangerous materials, such as compressed gas or oxygen cylinders;

- Carrying letters or parcels requiring postage;

Throwing any object overboard.


In the event that the Charteree cancels the Charter Agreement, a refund shall be made in the following manner:

- Up to 7 days prior to the departure date a TOTAL refund of the deposit paid will be made;

- From 6 days prior to the departure date, no refund shall be made;

No refund is provided for those who do not arrive at the agreed boarding time without having given prior notice. In any case, even in the event of a notified delay, it will be at the captain's discretion to embark.


The Charterer may rescind the Agreement for reasons of force majeure or for unforeseeable and unforeseeable personal reasons (e.g. health problems) provided that it gives timely notice to the Charteree. If possible, the Charterer may propose an alternative to the Charteree that does not entail any changes to the Charteree's schedule or to the means of transport used to reach and depart from the embarkation point. However, the Charteree may reject the proposed alternative and demand a refund of the down-payment already made, without being entitled to demand further indemnification from the Charterer.


The Charterer shall provide the Charteree with a boat in a perfectly clean and efficient condition, with all safety equipment required for navigation and in compliance with applicable regulations and statutory insurance. The Charterer declares that it has taken out all insurance policies required by law.

RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CHARTERER - The Charteree shall be obliged to store and care for the chartered yacht with diligence. Should a breakdown, loss or damage occur to the boat or its parts during the charter period due to the Charteree, even if caused by third parties (except in cases of force majeure), the Charteree shall reimburse the Charterer for the necessary cost of repair or recovery of the boat or its parts.

UNEXPECTED FAILURES OR BREAKDOWNS - In the event of any breakdown or damage to the boat that was not foreseen or foreseeable, except as stipulated in the point "CHARTERER'S LIABILITY", the Charterer undertakes to repair the boat as soon as possible. No compensation for damage may be claimed.

CRUISING CHARACTERISTICS AND CONDITIONS - The Charteree declares that he/she has been duly informed by the Charterer of the characteristics of the yacht and the terms and conditions for cruising on it as well as the dimensions of the living space and the maximum number of persons that may be carried.

PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION - In accordance with Article 13 of EC Regulation No. 2016/679 on the protection of personal data, the Company, as data controller, informs that the personal data provided by the passenger will be processed exclusively for the purposes strictly related to the management of the contractual relationship and the provision of services, also using information systems that guarantee data security and confidentiality.

CLAIMS - Should the passenger notice any deficiencies or irregularities in the service provided, he/she may report them to the Captain on board or write to: info@egadisummersea.it

COURT OF JURISDICTION - The parties agree that any dispute arising from this contract shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Court of Trapani.

APPLICABLE LAW - For all that is not provided for in this contract, the parties agree that reference shall be made to the rules of the Navigation Code, the Civil Code and applicable Italian laws.